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Oh yeah!

Today's my birthday!!

But that means I'm getting older... crap... I'll be as old as Ketchum...

I'm supposed to be having a party soon says Hibiki but it'll be noisy and if Ketchum shows up, then the party will suck.

Now where's my presents? Not that I want anything in particular...


Hibiki and I made an agreement. It was pretty deviant but whatever.

He said he would keep helping me become a great singer if I can keep Naoki away from him.

So I went patrolling through the afternoon and I spotted the runt trying to sneak into Hibiki's room. So I ran to the room to stop him but the second I got to the door I heard a crash and everything went blank.

That bastard threw a vase at me. I do not know how long I was out but when I woke up Hibiki had Naoki against a wall, threatening to kill him. Of course Naoki pays no attention to his angry tone of voice and continues to throw perverted comments. However when he noticed I was conscious he ran to me and then everyone else comes. Kyra then beat the crap out of Naoki while Setsuna was trying to make sure I was okay and all.

Then I began seeing black again. IT'S NOT A GOOD THING TO SEE WHEN YOUR HEAD HURTS LIKE CRAP! Though I fainted and woke up in the hospital. I think that's our hangout because everyone eventually seems to wind up there. Like Ketchum only he should probably live there!

I thought that deal would be easy. Apparently I have to be sneakier than Naoki. But now I have bandages on my head and Ketchum was making some jokes on me so I punched him and Kyra did the same. Well maybe she did more but it made me feel extremely better.

I also realized I don't call anyone by their last names anymore. Except Ketchum and Furutani but hmm...

Sep. 13th, 2009

Ugh I'm so exhausted. Hibiki had me work really hard and I can hardly talk anymore.

I was singing to this song. Sadly Hibiki can sing it better than I can. Argh!

And then Ketchum was being an idiot... again.



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